Saturday, February 26, 2011

Comfort and easy.


I bet you all know what is Fipper. It's come out with variety of colors, and it's also blend into two colors in one pattern. It is like an "in-thing" stuff which youth now a days are prefer to use Fipper as their daily slipper.

Besides that, it also made from a good material which is they use a high quality of rubber, it makes you feel comfortable and confident while wearing Fipper. The price is very affordable and reasonable to buy, it's equal to the quality. Fipper is easy to find which you can find it in mini market, uptown and so on.

So far Fipper plays a different role in slipper market which the design and colors easily can attract people to buy. It comes in several patterns which in two types or shapes, one is women and another one is for men. But for men are actually women can wear as well, but for women the cutting is a little bit more girlish and tiny.

Fipper has their official boutique at Sungei Wang, you can find most of patterns and colors at the boutique. For more information you can check it out at, feel the rubber!


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