Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kalau aku jatuh.

Kalau aku jatuh,
Kau nak bangunkan aku tak?
Kalau aku jatuh,
Kau masih berada disisi aku?
Kalau aku jatuh,
Kau boleh teguhkan aku?
Kalau aku jatuh,
Kau sanggup usap air mata aku?
Kalau aku jatuh,
Kau akan pergi jauh tak?
Kalau aku jatuh,
Kau akan merasa sakit?
Kalau aku jatuh,
Aku harap dapat bangun sendiri.

Soul Doubt

If you don't love me as much as I do,
Go and find your own better way.

If you don't care about me as much as I care about you,
Go and take other path of my life, fine some other reason
why other people won't care about you either.

If you don't miss me as much as I do,
Save it till it's gone, wastage.

I bet you'll never gonna believe me,
I'll longed for your love as much as I can

I'll build it slowly till it's done.
and you'll knelt to the ground and say,
Please don't leave me until your last breath.


Kau hanya lupa, tidak langsung terniatnya;

bisikkan ditelinga aku. lontarkan rasa hatimu,
andai kau perlukan masa, aku berikan segala.
andai kau perlukan rasa, aku berikan kau deria,
aku berikan kau jiwa, semoga dapat menikmatinya;

tapi jika kau mengalah begini, aku tak mampu berteguh lagi.
jika kau hilangkan segala perasaan, aku menyerah diri.
tak sanggup berdepan, tak sanggup melihat, diri sendiri.
aku malu, lalu berperang dengan diri;

Pt pt don't ruin my plans.

Hampir setiap hari, hampir dua kali sehari aku cari atm.
Untuk apa? mestila nak check duit. dah masuk ke belum
belum ke dah masuk. Tapi tulah, setiap kali aku check
Aku turn out to be down and macam dissapointed. Banyak jugak.
Kawan kawan yang lain dah masuk, tapi ada tapinya
Aku dengan fifi tak masuk masuk lagi, ada kawan cakap
tunggulah, orang HEP cakap 23 hari bulan ni dia masuk.
Tapi kenapa yang lain sebelum 23 hari bulan? Sedih lah aku macamni.

Ada yang dipajak, nak di kutip
Ada yang pinjam, nak di pulang
Ada yang dalam list tinggal nak beli.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan, be strong!

There are over 10 million peoples are still missing,
There are children losing their parents,
There are parents losing their children,
There are people losing their properties.

Ton of bodies cannot be identified,
Struggling looking for shelter,
Seeking love for each other,
They know they will stay together.

If I had an extra money, I would fly to Japan.
Hand some helps,
Share some loves,
Take care of each other.
Give some hopes
For whom needed.

So Japan, please be strong.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Small guitar called Ukulele.

How to pronounce Ukulele? it just simply like this (ew-ke-lay-lee) but some people pronounce (ew-ku-ley-ley). Sometimes it can be abbreviated to uke. It is a chordophone classified as a plucked lute; it is a subset of the guitar family instruments, generally with four nylon or gut strings or four courses of strings.

Tone and volume of the instrument vary with size and construction. Ukuleles commonly come in four sizes: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone.

It is absolutely gives you a different sound than a normal guitar, how it sounds? you can check it out on youtube. The pattern of how you strumming the uke is obviously and absolutely different than a normal guitar, and the chords are also different. Moreover, the standard tuning for uke is also different than a normal guitar.

The standard tuning for soprano, concert, and tenor ukuleles is C-tuning, g'c'e'a'. The g string is tuned an octave higher than might be expected. This is known as reentrant tuning. This standard tuning is often sung to the mnemonic "My Dog Has Fleas." Some prefer "Low G" tuning, with the G in sequence an octave lower. The baritone is usually tuned to d g b e' (low to high).

Four sizes of ukuleles are common: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. There are also less common sopranino and bass ukuleles at the extreme ends of the size spectrum.

The soprano, often called "standard" in Hawaii, is the smallest, and the original size ukulele. The concert size was developed in the 1920s as an enhanced soprano, slightly larger and louder with a deeper tone. Shortly thereafter, the tenor was created, having more volume and deeper bass tone. The largest size is the baritone, created in the 1940s.

If you are interested to can easily find it in music stores, Bentley, Yamaha, etc and I also bought one at Bukit Bintang. Here are some photos of ukulele.


Dalam mimpi aku, kau datang

Apa maknanya? Aku risau.

Kenapa mesti aku? Kenapa aku,
Aku nampak kau sentiasa mengejar aku.
Aku kosong, aku tak punya apa-apa.
Cuma hati yang besar,
untuk orang-orang yang disayang.
Aku mahukan itu, aku mahukan ini
kau tetap mahukan yang sama.


Kau punya segala, aku cuma derita.
Campak segala sisa waktu bersama,
kerana aku tak punya ingin untuk setia.
Bila aku beri percaya, kau sia-sia.
Bukan pulangannya benci,
tapi sangsi. Betul aku sangsi.
Aku mahu kau pergi, pergi jauh.
Jauh dari dua anak mata,
Jauh dari hati yang hiba.


Comfort and easy.


I bet you all know what is Fipper. It's come out with variety of colors, and it's also blend into two colors in one pattern. It is like an "in-thing" stuff which youth now a days are prefer to use Fipper as their daily slipper.

Besides that, it also made from a good material which is they use a high quality of rubber, it makes you feel comfortable and confident while wearing Fipper. The price is very affordable and reasonable to buy, it's equal to the quality. Fipper is easy to find which you can find it in mini market, uptown and so on.

So far Fipper plays a different role in slipper market which the design and colors easily can attract people to buy. It comes in several patterns which in two types or shapes, one is women and another one is for men. But for men are actually women can wear as well, but for women the cutting is a little bit more girlish and tiny.

Fipper has their official boutique at Sungei Wang, you can find most of patterns and colors at the boutique. For more information you can check it out at, feel the rubber!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Basically I know nothing about fashion, i don't know what is up coming fashion and all. By observing, I've improved my knowledge time by time. Yes, I know nothing but I love fashion, I love seeing women in style.

For me, fashion is not about something that you need to wear all branded and so on. As you know to mix and match, to fill up the style with your own, it is going to be your own style. Reference, yes it is good for your own but it doesn't mean you need to copy everything. Create some identity of yourself.

If you know how to fill it up, top it up, mix it up, there you go with your creation, with your own
identity. I don't think that it is necessary to copy everything what's people wearing, and you always feel like you won't miss the "in-thing" stuffs. So that people will not label you as
"out-dated" person.

Bundle. I know some of you will feel terrible if I talk about bundle stuff, but i don't think it is disgusting as what you think. Yes I do buy some of bundle stuff, and i don't feel disgusting about that, most of women now a days won't buy any bundle stuff because they don't want to look "ew". But who cares? If you feel afraid of telling your friends that you are wearing bundle stuff, then keep it shut. Here are few tips buying for bundle stuff.

1. Buy something which look "rare"
2. Still in good condition
3. Not too expensive, the price must be align with the quality

Here are some photos that I think probably fashion of teenage's dream.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fynn Jamal

Fynn Jamal

It is not a question mark anymore.

She was named Nur Affina Yanti Jamalludin, born August 27, 1982, in Kota Tinggi, Johor. She is currently lecturing English in Limkokwing University Malaysia while pursuing her postgraduate studies. She is very well known for her active presence in the local poetry scenes from the big city of Kuala Lumpur to the smallest towns in Ipoh.

Her method of performing poetry is distinct. She freestyles her words with impromptu music played on stage, by either her musician friends from the indie scenes or by any strangers offering her their tunes. She likes to mix her spoken words with hums and chorus she ad-lib right in front of the audience.

Though she possesses normal range of vocal, her husky voice attracts many followers. Most of them claim that they are stunned by her exaggerated feeling and soul in her performances, that they somehow cherish her imperfections, as such flaws proves her authenticity.

People started to know her when she appeared in the hit series "Anak Pontianak" on tv3 and the latest is when she be one of the contestants in Key Note, Astro. From there people start to realize her talent and ability to tint the entertainment industry. She starts to expose her self and her poetry through gigs, event which is she independently brought herself into the scene.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Random poetry

What is poetry?

For me, poetry is chiseled marble of language; it's a paint-spattered canvas - but the poet uses words instead of paint, and the canvas is you. It's how you portray your feelings, experiences into words in such a way as to evoke intense emotion. Some of us are not able to convey what's their feeling through conversation, face to face talk because of certain reasons but they are able to convey their feelings through poetry. Some writers are actually write the real feelings and situation into their poetry, because when you write it with all you heart, the reader will feel the meaning of the poetry itself. Poetry is one of the medium for me to express my feelings into it without directly tell people what's my feeling because I am not the type of person who always able to talk what's her feelings, what's happening when she just feel it. And when people read it, they will realize that there's something happen to me which is I didn't tell them. If I feel sad, I don't know to tell them that I am sad. When I feel like crying, I don't know how to express it. So from poetry, they will know what's my feeling.


When I started love to write poetry? Since 2007, when I knew this one woman called Fynn Jamal. She has a wonderful talent, the way she writes poetry. It is herself, her true self. She has launched she's first own book, all in there are basically poetry fully written by her.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hey ho lets go!

Who is Christina Perri? Why is she so special?

Well I started to know her on YouTube, on that time I'm browsing a cover song from Damien Rice, and then I saw this one video which is Christina Perri is the one who made cover on that song, and I watched the video I've started to feel want to know her more and more, which I discover all of her videos that she had posted on YouTube. And I've watched almost of her videos on YouTube, she had a wonderful voice, beautiful talent which she can play few of musical instruments which are Guitar and Keyboard.

I adore the way she turn out the cover song became like her's own song. The way she write lyrics, there are emotions inside the lyric which really touch me a lot on her's own song titled Jar of Heart.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Adorable Christina Perri.

Pop/Rock/Acoustic Artist.

At just 24, Christina Perri has already lived a handful of lives. She's toured the world as an assistant to a rock band, spent a year at a prestigious university, became a wife and then an ex-wife, produced popular music videos, made olive oil in Italy and even served as a fashionista barrista in Beverly Hills. The whole while, music had been tapping her on the shoulder, trying to lead her down a path as a musician. It seems that fate grew tired of this shoulder-tapping approach as well and went for an old fashioned punch.

On June 30th, a raw, defiant break-up song that Perri had written called "Jar of Hearts" aired on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance as a backdrop to a memorable piece choreographed by Stacey Tookey. The song struck a chord with viewers, who began downloading it from iTunes in droves, sending "Jar of Hearts" into the Top 10 on the iTunes Pop chart and into the Top 15 on the Overall chart overnight. Impressed, SYTYCD's producers invited Perri to play the song live on the show two weeks later.

It's music, fashion & poetry.

This is not really an "in-thing" blog.

There are some informations and knowledge that I would like to share with you guys. All the materials are basically, from my observations and knowledge. I love music. I love fashion but I am absolutely not a fashion victim. I just love to explore and get more exposure on fashion, well I love to write poetry and lyrics. Everything that I've wrote is basically from my previous experience or I just randomly write what's happening around me. Sorry if it bores you till the end, its an assignment and I am forced to do this! Haha. Enjoy it.

Hello 2011, Goodbye 2010!

Peace out to 2011.

May it brings us good luck,
"durian runtuh" perhaps, maybe?


What gives and leads us to joy?
Entertainment. Isn't it?

Most of entertainment could lead us to negative influences,
but don't misjudge.

It can be positive if we know how to counter it.