Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fynn Jamal

Fynn Jamal

It is not a question mark anymore.

She was named Nur Affina Yanti Jamalludin, born August 27, 1982, in Kota Tinggi, Johor. She is currently lecturing English in Limkokwing University Malaysia while pursuing her postgraduate studies. She is very well known for her active presence in the local poetry scenes from the big city of Kuala Lumpur to the smallest towns in Ipoh.

Her method of performing poetry is distinct. She freestyles her words with impromptu music played on stage, by either her musician friends from the indie scenes or by any strangers offering her their tunes. She likes to mix her spoken words with hums and chorus she ad-lib right in front of the audience.

Though she possesses normal range of vocal, her husky voice attracts many followers. Most of them claim that they are stunned by her exaggerated feeling and soul in her performances, that they somehow cherish her imperfections, as such flaws proves her authenticity.

People started to know her when she appeared in the hit series "Anak Pontianak" on tv3 and the latest is when she be one of the contestants in Key Note, Astro. From there people start to realize her talent and ability to tint the entertainment industry. She starts to expose her self and her poetry through gigs, event which is she independently brought herself into the scene.


Fynn Jamal said...

alaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sebak laaaaaaaaaa!!

temperedmental said...

kak fyn, cmana boleh jumpa ni? omg. tak sangka kak fyn boleh jumpa. ni kerja sekolah je ni. @__@

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