Sunday, February 13, 2011


Basically I know nothing about fashion, i don't know what is up coming fashion and all. By observing, I've improved my knowledge time by time. Yes, I know nothing but I love fashion, I love seeing women in style.

For me, fashion is not about something that you need to wear all branded and so on. As you know to mix and match, to fill up the style with your own, it is going to be your own style. Reference, yes it is good for your own but it doesn't mean you need to copy everything. Create some identity of yourself.

If you know how to fill it up, top it up, mix it up, there you go with your creation, with your own
identity. I don't think that it is necessary to copy everything what's people wearing, and you always feel like you won't miss the "in-thing" stuffs. So that people will not label you as
"out-dated" person.

Bundle. I know some of you will feel terrible if I talk about bundle stuff, but i don't think it is disgusting as what you think. Yes I do buy some of bundle stuff, and i don't feel disgusting about that, most of women now a days won't buy any bundle stuff because they don't want to look "ew". But who cares? If you feel afraid of telling your friends that you are wearing bundle stuff, then keep it shut. Here are few tips buying for bundle stuff.

1. Buy something which look "rare"
2. Still in good condition
3. Not too expensive, the price must be align with the quality

Here are some photos that I think probably fashion of teenage's dream.


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